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Things to Consider When Purchasing Magnetic Drive Pumps


Magnetic drive pump is a centrifugal pump whereby a motor is coupled to the pump by a magnet rather than a mechanical shaft. There are three main parts in a magnetic drive pump, the driven magnet, the magnet cup and the driving magnet. This driving magnet is always connected to the motor and is radially aligned with the driven magnet. These magnets are separated by the magnet cup, which acts as a barrier between the two magnets and seals the pumped fluid from the atmosphere resulting in a seal-less. Driving magnet rotates as power is applied to the motor and the driven magnet follows compelled by magnetic attraction.


When you are planning to purchase a magnetic drive pump, look for a magnetic drive pump that is available in a range of different chemical resistant material. The pump should be built in a way that it withstands tough conditions which include high pressure, high temperature and also high corrosive application. The material should contain polypropylene, carbon to suit all corrosive chemical pumping application. It should be the first choice for the most robust and efficient pump for your chemical use.


Another thing to consider when purchasing a magnetic drive pump is the one that is seal-less. This means that there will be no risk of leakage, a toxic chemical environment is an absolute necessity to avoid damage to the local environment, and it will also help you stop those expenses in clean up bills should there any issues on the production line. Read more great facts on air operated double diaphragm pump, click here. 


Purchase a magnetic drive pump that has quality assured and can run dry for some few hours. These magnetic drive pumps range are specifically engineered with run waterproof protection which is built in them. They enable the pump to be able to run for a few hours without damage, and the best drive pump is always designed for years of free trouble operation. And it should be built with minimal maintenance and high efficiency. You can find the best industrial pump manufacturers here. 


Furthermore, the maintenance cost is reduced because no time or cash is spent on maintaining the shaft seal. The risk of leaks from the seal mechanism is eliminated, and so hazardous fluids are pumped without worry of spillage at all. There will be no maintenance cost of replacing and maintaining the seal. The magnetic drive pump eliminates the problems, and it's highly reliable making it safe to operate. Even it will result in no downtime and lost production on account of seal maintenance.